"FINALLY! 22-Year Old Reveals How Get An UNFAIR Advantage With LinkedIn!"

Steal the EXACT system I used to go from 0 to 1 million views, multiple streams of income, dozens of PR, and VIP access to career opportunities on LinkedIn!
  100+ Students
  50+ Offers
  15+ Years Of Experience
Dear Reader,

Well, well, well.

You've stumbled upon this nifty little landing page through some aspect of my personal brand.

So you want to be “the man” (or woman) in your market, eh?

Wanna be numero uno?

Maybe you can relate to this:

Just 3 years ago, I was making $8/hr in the sweltering summer heat serving shaved ice.

I was a nobody.

No one would bother to look me twice in the eye.

I had jack diddly to my name.

(Yes, really...)

And once I got into college?

I thought that having good grades was enough for me to excel, get the career of my dreams, and come out with a sterling record.

...But I couldn't even get an internship during my freshman year.

The fact was...


  • I was deathly scared of rejection and putting myself out there.
  • I thought I was "guaranteed" the fast lane to opportunities.
  • I didn't know how to sell myself.
  • I was comparing myself to other people's journey.
And if some of these sentiments feel familiar to you, trust me. I understand how you feel.

But oh boy, was I wrong...

Hi, I'm Ocean, a 3x founder by 22, 6x intern, and Forbes Under 30 Scholar.

Because as of writing? 

I've been able to get quite a few wins strictly thanks to LinkedIn...

Major PR In 2020

All Expenses Paid Conferences

JPMorgan Chase & Co conference in 2017 (I met Paris Hilton on the flight there!)

675k Views in 2 Months

Free Exposure to Fortune 500 Companies

Like Amazon, EY, Deloitte, Microsoft, Accenture, PwC, Google, Goldman Sachs, & JPMorgan (to name a few)

$10k+ in Inbound Client Deals

Replies from seasoned business owners!

Internship and Job Opportunities

Cold call from a Chief of Product!

So What If...

  • You had opportunities come to you, without any manual effort?
  • You could quickly get your name out, building your influence?
  • You never had to worry about scrambling to "network" for another job again?
  • You could get a constant stream of clients without relying on short-lived "gimics" or burning out?
  • You made $$$ while you were asleep because you had multiple streams of income from your following, giving you financial freedom?


A No-Nonsense Guide to Building a Personal Brand from Scratch, Attracting Clients, and Securing Jobs!


"FINALLY! 22-Year Old Reveals The Secrets To Get An UNFAIR Advantage With LinkedIn!"

Learn step-by-step process I used to go from making $8/hr with $0 in my bank account to multiple streams of income, dozens of PR, and VIP access to career opportunities!
"Within a week of using this playbook, I was contacted by TWO recruiters and fast tracked to a position!" - Lauren G.

"I had enough..."

And today, you've stumbled upon this nifty little landing page through some aspect of my personal brand.

So you want to be “the man” (or woman) in your market, eh?

Wanna be numero uno?

You know what changed?

I got tired of looking around, watching other people pocket all the other opportunities, and feeling left behind. I finally said ENOUGH! and did something about it.

I invested in a few online courses, started proactively reaching out to CEOs and people in positions of the success I wanted to achieve who could mentor me, and set goals to check off daily. 

I built a system that virtually guaranteed my success.

I stopped dreaming and started accomplishing.

This is for...


Fast track your applications, secure referrals early, and build authority and credibility (even if you have none currently). Have a peace of mind that you're building an empire early!


Get more leads, clients, or money. Become a thought leader. Get an extra edge to help you grow and scale your business on demand, like clockwork, while you sleep.


Land incredible jobs, essentially opening a "secret" backdoor into the hottest companies, or keep your pipeline of opportunities full in case of the unexpected (lay-offs).

At Last! Step-By-Step Tutorials And No-Brainer Strategies To Succeeding At LinkedIn revealed!

The process I used to growth hack 650k+ views, secure over $10k in client deals, and build a community of 3k+ students in under 2 months, 100% uncensored!
This is a one-way ticket to skip the absolute most difficult and time-consuming parts of building a personal brand with LinkedIn, with everything you could possibly need to get started:

A hungry audience, direct response marketing fundamentals, winning posting strategies, and powerful step-by-step profile optimization...

...All handed to you on a silver platter.

I’m going to equip you with what worked for me and my clients, so you can shortcut my failures and use a proven framework for success.

There's no fluff or filler. It immediately gets down to brass tracks showing you exactly what to do, how to do it, and why you do it.

What People Are Saying

A Sneak Peek Inside...


The mindset, the work ethic. All of it. Learn how to get rid of limiting beliefs. Plus, unlock the "golden" and hidden opportunities that 98% of people miss with LinkedIn.


This is the art of taking someone from a complete stranger to paying customer in as little time as possible. Get the methods that trigger readers to ‘force’ them to respond and give you their precious attention.


Discover the "psychological tricks" to sell yourself, even if you have no experience whatsoever. Plus, find out how to unlock your TRUE value and stop settling for less than you're really worth.


Learn the 7 steps to turn your stale, dead-in-the-water profile into a "sales page" that sails past the unwashed-masses of profiles you're competing against.


90% of success with LinkedIn simply comes down to understanding how it works. If you know these strategies like the back of your hand, growing your personal brand not only becomes easier, but intuitive. 


Unlock the superpower that gets star influencers essentially unlimited exposure. Plus, discover the shocking ways that make your profile visitors follow now, and not later.


Put the right message, with the right positioning, in front of the right person, at the right time, so you can start supercharging your following. Never stare at a blank "canvas" again.


​Can’t tell you what’s in this section, just gonna have to get inside to find out ;)


15 “handed to you on a silver platter” post formulas responsible for generating 650k+ views in under 2 months.

Plus, Reach Inside My "Private Vault" And Discover...

  • A secret trick to "tweak" your brain to help make sure you almost never run out of ideas, never worry about being creative, and never deal with the gnawing anxiety of what to write or sell about next
  • The exact 4-point framework I use to assemble, write, and post viral content in record time
  • How to identify and work with only your dream customers so you never waste money or resources on "time-sucking vampires"
  • A simple way to write posts and content that get people to respond like crazy (even if you suck at writing)
  • ​​How to tap into the “Shadow Market” of job opportunities (truthfully, as many as 80% of jobs are snatched up before they’re advertised)
  • The powerful "incognito method" to churn out unlimited content that your audience loves
  • ​How to master skills in copywriting and sales conversion so you can generate new customers, income, and profits on demand
  • ​​The #1 overlooked mistake you’re probably making right now that you must avoid if you want people to even pay attention to you
  • ​Real life examples of some of my highest performing posts (use them for inspiration, steal them, or just study them to enhance your understanding)
  • ​​How to post consistently with confidence for 30-days straight without burning out or thinking "is this working?"
  • ​​How to make money on LinkedIn, even if you have nothing to sell or no experience whatsoever
  • ​​How to differentiate your marketing and stand out from competitors, even in saturated niches
  • What separates the top LinkedIn influencers & the people at the bottom of the food chain
  • ​​The foolproof method for building credibility and pushing people to think highly of you, even if you never met them before
  • The SPECIFIC words to use in the first 2-3 lines of your post to "control" what the reader sees (including case studies of how I used this technique)
  • ​​My proprietary formula responsible for building 2k+ email list subscribers in 2 weeks
  • ​​The only true way to make your brand uncopyable, even if you’re writing about something dozens of other people are already talking about

Skip the guesswork, steal my proven system

Imagine a torrential downpour of inbound messages like this...

...Eventually leading to these 1-on-1 meetings!


  • 7-Step Profile Optimization for Success (Value: $297)
  • 3 Pillars to Create Your Personal Brand Fast (Value: $197)
  • 4 Winning Elements Every Post Needs to Go Viral (Value: $197)
  • 2 Ways to Make Money On LinkedIn (Value: $297)
  • Direct Response Marketing 101 (Value: $97)

Total Value: $1,085

Normal Price: $97

TODAY: Just $37



That means if you can show me that you did the exercises laid out in the playbook and still feel as if it was a waste of time… I’ll gladly refund you every penny.

I’m doing this because it gives you the BEST chance at success.  

Selfishly, that’s what I want...

So that YOU can become a shining case study to use in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is this for? Who is this not for?
This is for those who want to get started with LinkedIn but aren't sure how, who have tried before but not been successful, and who above all are driven, dedicated, and willing to put in the work it takes to succeed.

This is not for those who are lazy or lack drive, those looking to "get rich quick," or those who expect results without taking consistent action.
 What if I don't have a following?
No one has any following when they start. This playbook will teach you the growth hacking methods responsible for building impressions and a following fairly quickly.
 What will I learn?
You'll learn my proven system for accelerating your brand on LinkedIn.

It's the same system I've followed for the past 3 years to go from 0 to 6 internships by junior year, running 2 profitable side businesses, becoming a Forbes Under 30 Scholar, and being featured in publications like EntScoop, VoyageLA, and Poets & Quants for Undergrads… all while taking a full course load.
 How do I know this will actually work?
The system taught inside this playbook is based off two key things: 

1. The process I personally used to supercharge my personal brand and influence, secure over $10k in client deals, and build a community of 3k+ students in under 2 months. 

2. All the knowledge I've gained since then that's allowed me to perfect this process down to a T to only include the absolute most important steps.

No stones will be unturned. This is exactly what I did, it worked for me in the real world, and it's worked for everyone I've taught it to who actually stuck with it. 

can't guarantee you'll personally do anything with it, after all I can't control your actions. But I can guarantee you that, if you're serious about building your authority and getting new online biz opportunities, this is the best investment you could possibly make.
 How long will it take to see results?
It depends on how active you are on LinkedIn. If you follow the lessons, expect to see some good traction in 60-90 days, and you can likely change your career outlook in 6-12 months.
 What if the algorithm changes?
No matter what the goo-rus tell you, yes, you can still build your influence. Stealing posts and using flashy, short-winded tactics (AKA, not being authentic to yourself) is how you lose. I teach you the evergreen direct response marketing principles used to project power, intrigue, and influence.
 Why is building a personal brand important?
How does $10k in inbound opportunities, 15+ PR pieces, and dozens and dozens of free things for someone whose pre-frontal cortex isn't quite fully developed yet sound?
 What is your refund policy?
Unlike most creators selling digital products, I do NOT offer refunds for any reason. Why? Because I know for a fact this product is worth far more than what you’ll pay for it. If you're the type of person who refunds digital products, ULP is NOT for you. I worked incredibly hard to put together the extremely valuable information inside. Plus, this FORCES you to take action and is in your best interest.

Will You take the leap?

If you’re still reading this, you might be stuck.

Stuck with the same habits.

Same people.

Same place.

Same job.

And you might be interested in growing a personal brand account to thousands of followers in the blink of an eye...

But perhaps you're thinking that this won't work for you; or that you're scared to put yourself out there; or that you're simply not "interesting" enough.

I get it.

But the fact is...

You'll never have thought what was possible, due to how we're programmed in the mind.

Yes, I'm talking about our own limiting beliefs.

3 years ago, that was me.

I would stare at my ceiling wondering if my life had a greater purpose.

But growing a personal brand unlocked a door of opportunity for me.

And it allows you to open up so many doors through exposing your unique story, qualities, and skills to your "tribe" of loyal followers.

And as a student or an aspiring entrepreneur?

You WILL always have competition. But with a personal brand, you do not…because, while there might be other people who do things similar to you, they are not you.

And with this guide?

there's no more...

DOING everything yourself...

getting rejected again...


You’re stressed out, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

You just want things to change.

You want something different.

Something better.

So now, it’s up to you to make a decision.

Will you spend the rest of 2021 doing the same old things you’ve been doing that got you where you are now?

Or are you ready to flip the script and take the proven system I’ve laid out for you here to finally pave the opportunities you know you deserve?

It's your choice.
Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan
Founder, Kaivent Media
P.S. Time’s running out. This offer will end pretty soon. Take action now before the price raises forever.
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